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Best Shop for Tires St Thomas

We would love the opportunity to help find the right tire for your vehicle

There are plenty of options to buy tires in St Thomas but we hope you can give our team at Gurr Auto an opportunity to show you why us. When shopping for tires in St Thomas we provide our clients with the ability to shop from home.

We have deployed technology to extend our showroom digitally to give our clients, and potential clients, transparency along with convenience. In seconds you can access our inventory and pricing for tires online. If you know which option is best for you our digital platform also allows you to buy tires or book an appointment anytime day or night.

Our pick up and delivery service allows clients the ultimate experience by never having to be inconvenienced by visiting shop again. You can place your order online and schedule your preferred time. We then pick your vehicle up handle the installation along with a complete 360 degree digital inspection on the entire vehicle. We like to think our customer service is ahead of where the market is going.

If you are one of the many who are not completely comfortable making your selection buying tires online we understand. Tires are highly complicated products. The tire industry makes it difficult to fully understand which product is the right product for you when consider there are many categories.

  1. All Season Tires
  2. Winter Tires
  3. Summer Tires
  4. Various Light Truck Tires
  5. Standard Touring Tires
  6. Grand Touring Tires
  7. Performance Tires
  8. High Performance Tires
  9. Ultra High Performance Tires
  10. Cross Over / SUV / CUV Tires
  11. On and on…

When you layer in the various tire technology’s and tread designs that are applied to each tire it can further complicate the purchasing decision. Especially considering different categories, technologies, and tread designs can fit the same vehicle.

At Gurr Auto we take the time to understand both you and your vehicle to make the proper recommendation for tires in St Thomas. Everyone is researching everything online these days we all know. Quite often the consumer is more educated on a lot of consumer products than the sales people they contact. Tires can sometimes require an expert opinion which we provide at Gurr Auto.

When reading reviews about tires online it is not uncommon to read feedback from consumers who live in warmer climates or major Cities. We have four seasons to deal with here in St Thomas and colder seasons are more extreme than even the GTA. The roads commonly traveled surrounding St Thomas and their conditions are different from other markets near and far.

When you contact Gurr Auto you are dealing with us, the Owner’s, who have a deep understanding not only on technical tire technology but vehicles from bumper to bumper. We take the time to understand your vehicle, it’s primary use, and your wants to ensure you get what you need.

When buying tires it is also highly recommended you check the vehicle alignment. There are enough studies to support that 60% of the vehicles driving on the road need some form of alignment adjustment. We provide a complimentary alignment inspection and report on every tire purchase to ensure your investment is protected.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider Gurr Auto for your tire needs in St Thomas and hope to speak with you when you are ready.


John Gurr

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