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Wheel Alignment Shop in Fingal, ON

“Alignment shop near me?” “Do regular auto shops do wheel alignments?” “What are wheel alignments?” Whatever query you’ve been searching for, this page will tell you what you need to know. Vehicles experience a lot of bumps and jostling every day, and this can cause problems. Wheel alignments help a vehicle drive straight and ensure its weight is evenly distributed across all four wheels.

You should seek out an alignment shop near you after a collision, after driving over a big pothole, if you’re putting on new tires, or if you’ve been driving on all season tires for over a year. If your automobile’s suspension and steering components are out of alignment, it will be difficult to drive straight. This will result in uneven wear on your tires and compromise your fuel economy. Adjusting your wheels back to factory specifications will fix this. It you’re in or near Fingal, Ontario, Gurr Auto can be the alignment shop you need.

We can check the mechanical and electronic functions of your vehicle’s steering. Our wheel aligner can precisely measure the position and orientation of each wheel. We can perform two-wheel or four-wheel alignments. We use spring-loaded arms to grip the tire, so there is no potential rim damage from metal-to-metal contact.

If you’re searching for an “Alignment shop near me”, in or near Fingal, Ontario, Gurr Auto can help you out. To book an appointment to have your wheels aligned, please click here. If you have any other queries, you can contact us via our website or call us at 519-637-9861

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