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What you need to know about Winter Tires Lynhurst

There is no doubt winter tires are the safest option for any vehicle when it comes to our Canadian climate. There is plenty of research to support that when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius winter tire compounds provide the most traction in starting, stopping, and handling.

Generally, each winter a Gurr Auto we see consumers buying either top of the line winter tires and the most economical winter tire they can find. Is there a difference in product quality? 100%.

Let us explain it to you like this. If you play an instrument, play a sport, or like to work in your workshop consider the equipment required. If you bought a premium piece of equipment would it perform better than an economical purchase?

All type of tires are no different. A premium winter tire will provide the maximum winter safety when driving conditions are unsafe. Premium winter tires are capable of giving you the safest performance not only in the first year but every year you own them. Many economical winter tires lose their handling characteristics for winter conditions quickly.

If you were to climb a steep hill covered in snow using only your index fingers and big toes you can imagine how difficult it may be. If you were to climb the same hill using all your fingers, toes, and limbs it would be much easier. With winter tire technology the extra fingers, toes, and limbs are called sipes.

When you look at an “all season” tire compared to a winter tire the siping is noticeably more visible. There are plenty more of little cuts in the tread design to provide more edges to grab on winter covered roads.

If you were to take away the extra fingers, toes, or “sipes” on the winter tire you can imagine the traction in winter conditions is reduced. When you are looking to buy winter tires investigating the depth of the sipe is worth your time.
Most premium winter products offer full depth siping. This means the siping is extended from the top of the rubber right down to the bottom. As the tire wears there are still plenty of biting edges to grab.

With many economic winter products the siping is almost superficial. When you investigate the depth of the sipe on a winter tire sipe it can be quite shallow. This results in the siping being removed from the tread design after an initial season. Of course, less biting edges in winter conditions means less traction.

At Gurr Auto whether you are looking for economical or premium tires we only recommend the quality products. We stand by you and the products we recommend to guarantee your satisfaction.

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In terms of service we are well ahead of where the industry is going. We digitized the client experience for the many who prefer to conduct their purchases online. We also still provide the traditional methods of course as we have always loved engaging with our clients.

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