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Automotive AC Service and Repair In St. Thomas, ON

Air conditioning is the kind of thing that can seem like a luxury. Nobody needs air conditioning in January in St. Thomas, after all. But then time goes on and now it’s June, July, or August. Now you need air conditioning. And if your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working, you are going to suffer. And you don’t deserve that. So why not bring your vehicle into our St. Thomas shop where we can repair it and get you comfortable in your own vehicle again.

Even if you don’t mind the heat, you must remember that everything in your vehicle is connected. Automobiles are complex systems of different components working intricately with one another. A problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning could be related to a larger issue that you should get checked out. To identify the issue, the technicians at Gurr Auto may do any of the following:

  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Inspect components for damage or leaks
  • Check air conditioning compressor
  • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
  • Give the system a leak-down test
  • Recharge the system according to factory specifications

Gurr Auto is happy to repair and service air conditioning systems for customers in St. Thomas, ON, and anywhere nearby. To book an air conditioning repair or service, please click here. Or, if you would like to learn more about air conditioning service and repair, or any of our other services, you can contact us via our website or call us at 519-637-9861

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