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Digital Car Inspections in Belmont, ON

Whether you’re bringing your vehicle to the shop because you’ve been having a problem or just for routine maintenance, inspection is a big part of vehicle repair and maintenance. But just as vehicles have changed over the years, so have inspections. Now we have digital vehicle inspections.

If you’ve been searching, “auto repair digital inspection”, “What does DVI mean?”, “digital car inspection near Belmont”, or anything similar, we can help. Gurr Auto provides all the repair services the drivers of Belmont might need. Here’s what you should know about digital vehicle inspections.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

“Can I get auto repair digital inspection near me in Belmont, Ontario?”

You can! Just come to Gurr Auto. When we inspect our clients’ vehicles, we do so using the latest tools and technology. This means we offer digital vehicle inspections. But just how do these digitalized inspections work?

Digital vehicle inspections in Belmont, ON

Vehicle inspections are as old as automotive service is, so inspection itself is not a cutting-edge service. However, for most of automotive history, inspections were recorded on paper. And this has led to a mountain of problems over the years.

Mechanics are skilled. . .but not necessarily at penmanship. Illegible handwriting has long been an issue that has plagued the auto repair industry. And there are other issues such as food and drink stains, lost papers, papers torn out of clipboards and folders, smudges, and more. The whole inspection process was in desperate need of standardization and streamlining.

That’s why we at Gurr Auto adopted a digital way to conduct inspections. We use a computer tablet to inspect vehicles and record our findings. With digital vehicle inspections, or DVIs, our technicians follow a detailed process for inspection and can clearly communicate their findings to each other and to our customers.

How do DVIs work?

At Gurr Auto, we carefully inspect every vehicle that arrives in our Belmont shop and we use the latest, innovative technology to perform these inspections. Our technicians record notes and save images to specialized vehicle inspection software. Then they can easily send those saved images to customers to brief them on the status and condition of their vehicle.

After we go over the results of your DVI with you, we can suggest any next steps to take. Our findings will reveal what repair, if any, your car needs. Our technicians can also recommend any routine maintenance that might keep your car in good working order.

And sometimes the biggest benefit of a DVI isn’t to the vehicle but the customer, and that’s peace of mind. If we don’t find anything wrong with your car, or merely something we can quickly fix, you can relax knowing there’s no underlying problem with your vehicle.

Contact Gurr Auto for digital vehicle inspection.

There’s no need to keep searching, “DVIs near me” if you’re in or near Belmont, ON. Gurr Auto can inspect your vehicle as part of a routine maintenance schedule or if you suspect something is amiss.

If you would like to book an appointment for a DVI, or any other type of auto repair or maintenance, please click here. To learn more about the many different services we provide, please contact us via our website or call us at 519-637-9861

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