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Hybrid Car Service at Gurr Auto in St. Thomas

If you own a hybrid vehicle, or if you’re considering purchasing one, and you live in or near St. Thomas, Ontario, it’s only natural that you would have some questions. After all, hybrid cars are a relatively new technology. If you’re new to driving one, there might be several aspects about hybrid automobiles and their service with which you’re unfamiliar.

If you’ve been searching, “hybrid car service Ontario”, “how to repair a hybrid vehicle”, “hybrid vehicle service St. Thomas”, or something similar, we can help. At Gurr Auto, we are auto experts. This includes expertise on hybrid vehicle service.

How does hybrid car service differ from service for gasoline-powered vehicles?

The first thing to know is that for most auto components and systems, hybrid service is the same as traditional vehicle service. A hybrid car has an internal combustion engine just as a gas-powered car has. Given this, much of the regular maintenance is the same.

Although much is the same, not all services are the same. Hybrids typically work by utilizing electric battery power until the battery is out of power or until you drive above a certain speed. At that point, the hybrid car switches to the internal combustion engine. Mechanics require specialized knowledge and equipment to perform hybrid car maintenance because they must service both internal combustion engines and hybrid electrical systems.

Hybrid car batteries

You might think the electric motor of a hybrid requires the most attention, but it’s usually the battery pack that does. A hybrid car typically needs a new battery about every 160,000 kilometres. Hybrid batteries have complex wiring systems, so drivers might be unable to install these batteries themselves. The technicians at Gurr Auto can install a new hybrid car battery for you quickly and properly. Some hybrid batteries also have an air filter that needs occasional replacing.

Hybrid car oil changes

Because a hybrid car has two motors, the gas engine shouldn’t have to work as hard as it does in traditional vehicles. As a result, a hybrid vehicle’s engine oil usually doesn’t need to be changed as often. Hybrid cars can go 16,000 kilometres between oil changes and work fine. Most hybrids have a light on the dashboard which shows the vehicle’s oil life, similar to how a check engine light works.

Hybrid car brake pads

Apart from the motors, perhaps the biggest difference between a hybrid and a traditional vehicle is the brake pads. Most hybrid cars use regenerative braking technology. When the driver presses on the brake pedal, the electric motor engages in reverse mode. This uses the kinetic energy of the braking system to recharge the car’s battery. This is good for the battery, and it means the brake pads endure less wear. Hybrid brake pads often last longer as a result.

Come to Gurr Auto, your NAPA AutoCare Centre, for Hybrid Vehicle Service in St. Thomas

There’s no need to keep looking for a mechanic to service your hybrid vehicle in St. Thomas, ON. Just come over to Gurr Auto. Our team of expert technicians can service your hybrid vehicle and ensure its operating efficiently again.

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