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All Season Tires

In spring and autumn, weather conditions can change fast here in Ontario, so many drivers choose all season tires for their vehicles. These tires perform well in all weather conditions. They were first manufactured in the 1970s by decreasing the effectiveness of wet weather gripping in order to increase mobility in cold temperatures. Even so, all season tires are not as adept at handling cold and ice as winter tires are.

To achieve their goal of year-round performance, tire engineers knew that all season tires would inevitably lack some of the properties that make winter and summer tires effective in their respective months. All season tires do not possess a very strong grip, nor do they offer sharp handling when driving on ice. Some drivers in Ontario use all seasons from spring until winter, while others prefer to use summer tires during the hottest months.

Some figures claim that about 49% of Canadians try to use all season tires though winter. For drivers in Fingal, this would be unwise. When the temperature goes below 7°C, the compound used in an all seasons stiffens, and this results in longer braking distances. It is highly advisable to use winter tires during the coldest months.

Gurr Auto is happy to sell and install all season tires for clients in and near Fingal, Ontario. To book an appointment to have your all seasons put on, please click here. To learn more about any of our products or services, you can contact us via our website or call us at 519-637-9861.

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