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The Importance of Engine Checkups

Find out the benefits of having a vehicle’s engine checked, how often you should replace them, and more valuable info on this page.

Appropriate preventative maintenance is crucial for protecting an investment of any kind; moreover, the cost of a typical engine repair is no small matter, and if left ignored may lead to an even greater cost for replacement. However, when it comes to the health and performance of today’s complex engines, checkups and repairs make all the difference, keeping your automobile operating properly and safely for years to come.

At Gurr Auto, our professional mechanics believe in providing reliable services at competitive pricing. We offer free, digital state-of-the-art-inspections, with every service, contributing the latest improvements and enhancements learned from almost a decade of service and manufacturing prowess. Every inspection, engine or otherwise, that we carry out is to keep you safe, and to catch the small problems that have the potential to turn into a disaster if left ignored.

There are many benefits of keeping up with routine inspections and professional engine maintenance/repairs. Some examples that will keep you going on the road for as long and as safe as possible include:

  1. Vehicle Longevity – Once you get to know the factors that affect your engine’s longevity, you’ll be better able to make informed decisions, outlined on this page, that’ll prolong its potential lifespan. In the end, the key to a healthy engine that’ll last you for several years is routine service and professional engine repair, as well as having an understanding of what actions, or a lack thereof, will eventually harm the engine.
  2. Increased Performance – Maintenance and upkeep are essential to ensure that your engine can perform at its best at all times. Products on the market will not necessarily counteract the damage that has already been done to an engine. Professional maintenance on a regular basis is highly recommended for you and your vehicle’s safety.
  3. Increased Safety While Driving – Scheduled engine performance tests and repair services help to keep you and your passengers safe by preventing avoidable vehicular accidents.

A few risks of associated with disregarding the health of a vehicle’s engine are as follows:

  1. Overheating – It’s important to flush the coolant in your vehicle’s cooling system every three to five years, whichever comes first. Ignoring a malfunctioning liquid cooling system could lead to an overheated engine, resulting in costly damage. Regular oil changes are also vital to protect your engine, as old oil breaks down due to exposure to heat, keeping your engine hotter for longer.
  2. Putting Yourself at Risk of Getting Hit – Complications that point towards a faulty engine include losing power, stalling, or even catching fire while driving your vehicle, potentially causing a car accident. Routine diagnostics and repairs are highly recommended to keep drivers as safe as possible on the road.
  3. Internal Failure – When the check engine light is on, it’s usually a firm indicator that engine damage has already begun. Delaying checking your vehicle for potential problems when the check engine light is on may lead to greater risks.

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There is no need to keep searching for engine related maintenance near you in the St. Thomas area. We follow manufacturer recommendations for routine service to keep your engine running smoothly! We not only offer engine service and repair, but also offer service and repair for other automotive needs like brakes, alignments, oil changes, tires and vehicle accessories.

Did you know Gurr Auto is also a certified NAPA AutoPro centre? So you can rest easy knowing that we only use the best possible parts and components to service every vehicle that comes through our bays.

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