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What Are The Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment?

What Are The Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment?

Driving with your vehicle in alignment is key to a smooth, and fuel-efficient ride.  To learn about wheel alignments and discover what possible signs of a misalignment in your vehicle, look no further!

Is There An Alignment Shop Near Me?

That depends where you are. If you’re in or near St. Thomas, there’s definitely an alignment shop near you. At Gurr Auto, we perform precise wheel alignments for our clients. But when do you need a wheel alignment? And how do you know the signs to look for when driving?  Keep reading to learn more.

Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

It’s not always easy to tell if your vehicle needs wheel alignment. If it is obvious that you need an alignment, then your wheels must be badly misaligned, perhaps because of a significant collision, or not avoiding winter potholes. In that case, an alignment will probably be one of several necessary procedures your vehicle needs. However, crashes are not the major cause of misalignments. Time is.

The accumulation of wear and tear over time is probably the most usual cause of misalignments. Our vehicles go through a lot, and as the only part of our cars that touch the ground—hopefully—wheels suffer more wear than anything. Another common cause of misalignments is driving on all-season tires for over a year straight.

Signs Of Wheel Misalignment

If you’ve noticed your steering wheel pulling to one side, there’s a good chance your wheels are misaligned. Another tell-tale sign of misalignment is uneven wear on your tires. Because a misalignment prevents evenly distributing the mass of your vehicle on all four wheels, some tires wear down quicker than others.

When one wheel carries more weight, its tire tread life will be reduced and it will need to be replaced sooner. Regular tire rotations can help prevent this; another service offered at Gurr Auto. During a tire rotation or when you’re having new tires, winter tires, summer tires, or all-season tires installed, the technicians at Gurr Auto can quickly check your suspension and wheels for a misalignment or imbalance.

How Does An Alignment Shop Perform An Alignment?

At Gurr Auto, we use an incredibly accurate aligner to measure the position and orientation of each wheel. This is true for both 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments. This way we can ensure both your front wheel and rear wheels are aligned correctly. Furthermore, when we perform a wheel alignment service, we can also make a caster adjustment, repair your rear axle, and perform any other repair or maintenance service necessary to give you a smooth ride.

Our alignment services also include an inspection of the mechanical and electronic functions of your car’s steering. Our state-of-the-art aligner allows us to be extremely careful with your vehicle to ensure not to damage it in any way. This technology also is key to avoiding any possible rim damage.

Make Gurr Auto Your Alignment Shop Near You.

There’s no need to keep searching, “alignment shop near me” if you’re in or near St. Thomas, ON. Gurr Auto can help you with all your alignment, and other repair, needs. If you would like to book an appointment for a wheel alignment, or any other type of auto repair or maintenance, please click here.

To learn more about the many different services we provide, please contact us via our website or call us at 519-637-9861.

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