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Uniroyal tire sales are great opportunities for drivers looking for new tires in or near St. Thomas, Ontario. Uniroyal has been making high-quality tires since all the way back in 1892, back when they were known as the United Rubber Company. That’s before even the first Ford Model Ts were produced. Over the subsequent 125-years plus, Uniroyal has been making excellent tires for all kinds of automobiles, from family vehicles, to vans, to pick-up trucks, to muscle cars, and more, including cars, minivans, SUVs, and light trucks.

Uniroyal has a reputation for high-quality, dependable, and affordable tires. This has made them one of the strongest brands, along with the Uniroyal Tire Tiger, their iconic mascot whose image has marked Uniroyal tire sales since 1961. Uniroyal has always focused on engineering tires that are durable, can provide high mileage, and which are budget-friendly for drivers of even modest means. Older drivers in Canada might remember the Dominion Rubber Company; it was under this name that Uniroyal tires were sold and manufactured in Canada until 1966.

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