Winter Tires vs All Seasonal Tires

a picutre of snow and car tire


 Winter Tires do Increase your Driving Safety

In the past, consumers may have suspected,  the suggestion of winter tires was a scare tactic, used to increase sales for the retailer. That the switch to winter tires had very little impact, on the average winter driving. This is just not the case, manufacturers have made great strides, over the years, with constant  utilization of the latest in technology, to increase your driving safety,  in wintry conditions.

The studies and statistics show, the winter tire is just better suited for our Canadian weather, than good quality all season tires. They are specifically designed to address the complexity of the winter terrain, all the while perform in much lower temperatures. Customers don’t always realize that once the temperature outside drops to a daily average of 7 degrees Celsius, the typical all season tire will lose its performance.
Flexibility is key for a tire to grip the surface better on ice, snow, slush and other wintry road conditions and the winter tire’s tread rubber is designed and manufactured with certain ingredients, to allow for this.
A V-type tread pattern gives you the necessary biting edges to get you going and evacuate the water and snow the easiest possible way.
Directional tires are best for traction. Typically, you’ll see premium winter tires in a directional pattern. Most all season tires don’t have enough void ratio or grooves, to properly grip snowy or icy surfaces. Tread patterns and voids are subjective to each manufacturer’s preference, so you have to find a balance for best traction and best performance.
Do not base your winter tire purchase on the cheapest tire/price you can find. Rely on a more reputable brand name tire, to get the level of performance you need. Some vehicle owners think that 1 set of winter tires on their car is sufficient, but cars are designed to operate much safer by getting the perfect balance. If you have bad tires on the back, the back end can slip out on you, which can be even more dangerous a situation than having traction issues at the front of your vehicle.
I will show you best options for your specific vehicle and driving habits. I take my responsibility for you safety, very seriously. At Gurr Auto, we will not let you down!!