The True Cost of Driving Today

  The true cost of driving a vehicle today is often underestimated. I am surprised at the number of myths that consumers have been told, about their vehicles. These are usually told by unscrupulous car sales people, that are just looking for a sale. I can remember one Cadillac owner in the very early 80’s who was told that his new Cadillac did not require oil changes because of the new fuel injection system. Needless to say, he was very surprised when his engine was knocking!!!!

  The majority of clients really do not understand how much it costs to operate and maintain a vehicle. Many clients purchase a new car and max themselves out with payments, which makes vehicle maintenance or a major fault, a real hardship.

  Consider the following when budgeting for vehicle ownership…….. a midsized sensible vehicle brand new, costs on average, $20,000 plus!!! Financing of this vehicle at 8% over 4 years costs approx. $488/month. The average full coverage insurance with a clean drivers abstract costs approx. $90/month. The average consumer travels 20 –  25,000 km/yr. This totals 80 –  100,000 km over 4 years time. The expected  cost of maintenance is about $1,200 for those 4 years, which breaks down to $25/month. Now your total expenses per month just added up to $603/month, for the next 4 years, this does not include the cost of tires or gas. By the way, this does not take into consideration the initial $1,000 cash down payment and the 13% HST here in Ontario, Licencing or E-testing!! The total expenses to drive from point A to point B costs $7,236/year and over 4 years that adds up to $28,944. Wow, no wonder money is tight!! You can adjust your figures based on vehicle requirements and if you have 2 cars, then you can basically double the costs (less multiple car discounts from your insurance company.)

   Now, with all that in mind, consider something for a moment…… by being prepared to repair your vehicle and perform manufacturers maintenance and spending an expected $1,000 to prolong the useful life of your vehicle, you could actually save money!! If by doing the repairs/maintenance gets you another 2 years or 40,000 km the  cost would be $47/month!!! You can’t rent, lease, beg,  borrow or buy a vehicle to use for $47/month!!  Compare this to a new vehicle monthly payment and you are saving al least $500/month!! This money can now be used for other things, like a well deserved vacation!!!

  To fully maximize your transportation dollars, you need to get 250,000 km to 350,000 out of your vehicle. This is possible because today’s vehicles are built better than ever before. By doing the manufacturers’  recommended maintenance, you will help ensure the same level of reliability and safety, you have come to know & expect. The manufacturer creates detailed maintenance schedules outlining specific operations to be preformed on various components and systems. These services are done at different kilometer intervals to ensure proper operation and prevent premature wear. If you have not been following your vehicles specific schedule,  it is time to have your vehicle thoroughly evaluated, to determine the right maintenance course.

   At Gurr Auto, our technicians are well educated, holding both ASE certifications and Grand Master Distinction, Gurr Auto has the latest Computerized Diagnostic Equipment and the best Automotive Service Information Systems. These tools and information ensures that repairs and maintenance of your vehicle is in complete compliance with manufacturers’  warranty. Other information we have, includes a list of specialty lubricants specific to your make and model of vehicle, the proper service procedures,  diagnostic information and factory issued technical service bulletins. The bottom line equals efficient, dependable and cost effective service for you. If we work together, Gurr Auto can add years to the life of your car or truck!!!

   Give us a try! We will not let you down!!