This is my first of many blogs I hope to create! If you have been waiting patiently for this blog, I am sorry I took so long to post. Gurr Auto is now up and running with almost two months under our belts, and I couldn’t be happier with the support and understanding of all of Witlox Automotive clients as well as Advanced Auto Service former clients. Suzanne and I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to do what we love!!
   Fortunately, or Unfortunately (depending on your tastes of the seasons) the colder weather is upon us and soon the four letter “S” word will be too! Is your car ready?? Winter is unarguably the harshest season on your vehicle. From snow, ice, and salt on the roads, to the yo-yo temperatures during the day, your vehicle is pushed to its limit, and that limit is the weakest link of your car.
   The best defense is a good offence! I suggest that you have your vehicle inspected by a reputable repair facility (Gurr Auto would be my pick). Your vehicle needs to enter this season at tip top shape to avoid being let down at the most inopportune time, (you and I both know that is when you are already 20 minutes late for something!). Your service provider should be performing a complete inspection of your car, and documenting the results to be thoroughly explained to you.
   I am not going to bore you with all the systems that need to be inspected and why, (everyone does this) I just want to convey the importance of the inspection. I will add however that your vehicle is usually your second largest purchase, and to maintain it properly is to give yourself confidence with your vehicle, and for your vehicle to provide years of service.
   It is very important that you know and trust your service provider, should you find yourself questioning them perhaps it is time to find someone you can trust. At Gurr Auto our business statement is “We will not let you down”! Suzanne and I understand that these are just not words but something we live by. If you would like to come and experience automotive service the way it should be done, give us a call or send us an e-mail. you will not be disappointed because we are “Simply Better”!

John Gurr