Maintenance 1 Service Package


Regular vehicle maintenance is a must for years of worry free driving.Manufacturers know that a properly maintained vehicle will be more dependable, safer, last longer and increase your satisfaction with their product. Every manufacturer seems to have their own theory on when maintenance needs to be performed as maximum intervals. Driving habits and the environment plays a large part in deciding what is best practice for your vehicle. At Gurr Auto we believe that regular maintenance is a small price to pay for confidence behind the wheel, knowing that in all likelihood you will not have a breakdown while on the road. Now surprises do happen, but it is best knowing you have done all you can to prevent it! This maintenance should be performed every 5000kms or three months whichever occurs first. At Gurr Auto your maintenance schedule will be tailored to your vehicle and driving habits, and may include alternating maintenance 1 package with maintenance 2 package.

At Gurr Auto, Maintenance 1 Package includes the following:

  • Oil and filter change (extra charge may apply for specific filters, oil quantity and brand)
  • Inspect engine air filter
  • Inspect all fluid levels
  • Test wiper and washer operation, including rear wiper system if equipped
  • Test and inspect all exterior lamps systems
  • Test heating, air conditioning, and defroster system function
  • Inspect cabin air filter if equipped and accessible
  • Test horn operation
  • Inspect drive belts for tension and belt condition
  • Inspect all coolant hoses
  • Test coolant ph and freeze protection
  • Test brake fluid moisture content
  • Inspect all systems for any visual leaks
  • Inspect battery and test state of charge
  • Visually inspect steering and suspension components
  • Measure tire tread depth
  • Test and adjust tire pressures to vehicle specifications
  • Visually inspect tire wear for alignment issues
  • Complete exhaust inspection, including hangers
  • Research for vehicle specific maintenance due
  • Review service history
  • Inspect for any warning lamps on and bulb test warning lamps
  • Lubricate exterior door hinges and latches, including hood and trunk
  • Inspect wheel rim condition, and missing wheel weight
  • Reset oil life monitor if equipped

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