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We understand the cost of doing business today is high. So it is imperative that we maintain and repair your company cars and trucks consistently, to ensure that your investment lasts. This is why our technicians follow a strict and thorough protocol, when inspecting each vehicle. Our service expertise assists in optimal vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and most importantly safety for your drivers.

We have easy access to your vehicle’s manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule and will email you when each vehicle is due for service. We understand that when your company vehicle is off road you may be losing valuable income. Gurr Auto offers same day service and shuttle services for your employees.

Regular maintenance will help avoid costly repairs as your company cars and trucks age, and our maintenance is warranty approved. You will always know the exact condition of your vehicles and you will receive an accurate and transparent quote for any service or maintenance recommended. Included below is an introduction to our maintenance packages.

Gurr Auto Maintenance 1 Fleet Service Package should be preformed every 5000 km or every three months, based on driving habits. We recommend switching to maintenance 2 package every 2nd or 3rd visit.

  • Oil and filter change
  • Inspect engine air filter
  • Inspect all fluid levels
  • Test wiper and washer operation, including rear wiper system if equipped
  • Test and inspect all exterior lamps systems
  • Test heating, air conditioning, and defroster system function
  • Inspect cabin air filter if equipped and accessible
  • Test horn operation
  • Inspect drive belts for tension and belt condition
  • Inspect all coolant hoses
  • Test brake fluid moisture content
  • Inspect all systems for any visual leaks
  • Inspect battery and test state of charge
  • Visually inspect steering and suspension components
  • Measure tire tread depth
  • Test and adjust tire pressures to vehicle specifications
  • Visually inspect tire wear for alignment issues
  • Complete exhaust inspection, including hangers
  • Research for vehicle specific maintenance due
  • Review service history
  • Inspect for any warning lamps on and bulb test warning lamps
  • Lubricate exterior door hinges and latches, including hood and trunk
  • Inspect wheel rim condition, and missing wheel weight
  • Reset oil life monitor if equipped

    Gurr Auto Maintenance 2 Fleet Service Package is a more in depth look at your vehicle’s state of health. We have the latest computerized diagnostic equipment and a computerized automotive information system that provides detailed data for your vehicles by year, make and model. This insures that your vehicle repairs and maintenance are in complete compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Other information includes lists of specialty lubricants required for your particular vehicle, the latest service procedures, diagnostic information and factory issued technical service bulletins. The bottom line is efficient, dependable, and cost effective service for you. This package is typically done at every other maintenance interval.

  • Everything that is included in Maintenance 1 Package plus;
  • Road test vehicle
  • Feel for brake pulsation, noises, and pulls
  • Test alignment for leads, pulls, and steering wheel center
  • Suspension stability, and noises
  • Exhaust rattles or noises on road under load
  • Perform complete brake inspection
  • Perform tire rotation
  • Inspect wheel rim conditions and missing wheel weight
  • Perform complete steering inspection with deflection measurements
  • Test electrical system charging output and starter draw

It would be our honour to providing quality, convenient Fleet Auto and Truck repair services to your company.  Contact us today, to discuss how we can keep your fleet on the road, with the least amount of disruption to your business possible.  If your fleet service account is paid by the 15th of each month, a 2% timely payment discount will be applied. (Excluding credit card payments)

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