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Driving Green is Easier Than You Think

Driving Green is not hard, as drivers, we just have to think outside the box. Cars today are cleaner than ever, but they are still a source of pollution. Unless you drive an eco-friendly vehicle, the combustion that takes place inside your engine releases carbon dioxide into the air- which is a major component of greenhouse gases.

Most people that live in rural areas cannot do without their car. There are many simple things we can do to keep driving, while also reducing your environmental impact.

Plant more trees …..The first thing you can do, is help us, help you reduce your carbon foot print by promoting tree planting, right here is Elgin County. Every time you bring your car in for service, a tree is planted locally, by Scouts Canada.

Stop idling….. You waste more gas idling for 10 seconds than you do restarting it. To reduce your CO2 emissions, refrain from idling whenever you can.

Slow the bleep down…. Slowing down from 120km/h to 100km/h will save 20% on fuel.  Staying between 50 and 80 km/h is where your vehicle is most fuel efficient.

Car pool….. With the gas prices so high, and economy sluggish, it is no wonder  more people are not working out a carpooling schedule with co-workers and friends, to not only reduce the number of vehicles on the road, but to keep your gas money in your pocket, right where it belongs.

Lighten your load….. Your fuel consumption is also related to the weight of your vehicle. You won’t get the most out of your gas money if you lug hundreds of pounds of stuff around in your ride.

Maintain your vehicle…. The first and most important way to drive green, is maintaining your vehicle. Old spark plugs, under-inflated tires and clogged air filters are just a start. Let your licensed automotive technician fully inspect your vehicle, not just for safety and longevity of your vehicle but to make sure your vehicle is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible.  This is just another way that we at Gurr Auto will take care of you. #goodweathercruising


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John Gurr